Tales From Our A.I. Overlords

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In the second decade of the twenty-first century, generative image tools powered by artificial intelligence were released to the public. These text-to-image programs allowed humanity to expand their creativity in the content they created. Imagination was no longer bound to technical skill and talent.

As we enter this brave new world of creativity, we face many questions about the impact this technology will have on society and culture. Is art created from the mind's eye, or the ideas of our imagination? How will AI impact commercialism, industry, and entertainment? How long will it be before what is "real" and what is generated is indistinguishable?

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Tales From Our A.I. Overlords is an exercise to explore these questions, embracing these new technologies, and using them in practice by reimagining classic science fiction stories as graphic novels. This anthology series will bring classic tales into a new era for modern audiences.

The first tale in this series is an adaptation of “Youth” by Isaac Asimov. A story about two young boys who find some peculiar animals in the countryside the morning after a thunderstorm. They conspire to hide the critters from their parents, hoping to use their newfound pets to join the circus and live life under the big top, which leads to some out-of-this-world chaos for everyone.

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